Prairie Peppermint Caramels

When I first heard the name Prairie Peppermint Caramel, honestly I was skeptical.  How can you combine peppermint & caramel in such a way that it actually tastes good?  Well, I don’t know how Martinson’s does it, but wow.  The buttery caramel is completely infused with oil of peppermint, to the point that it leaves a cool blast of mint in your mouth, as strong as a high quality peppermint patty. If you like mint, this is one delicacy you do not want to miss out on.

As you can see from the photo, this caramel is also completely enrobed in a thick layer of milk chocolate and then rolled in chocolate sprinkles to give it a delectable texture.  There is no peppermint in the chocolate, it is all in the soft caramel center.  Cool, minty, chewy, amazing!

Martinson’s Ranch Chocolates makes six varieties of candy on a small ranch outside of Huntley, Montana using all natural & local ingredients such as dairy cream & sugar beet sugar.  Taste them for yourself at



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